Sizing Up your Toddler

AYDA | Sizing up your toddler

Shopping for kids clothing can be confusing because of the terminology involved and lack of standard sizes. Here are a few things to keep in mind before shopping clothes for children, especially toddlers.

24 months vs 2T sizes

Both these sizes exist as babies come in all shapes and sizes. 24 months clothing is better suited if your 2 year old is still in the baby stage. These clothes come with more diaper spacing, shorter and rounder fits, and end at 24 months.

2T clothing work better for walking, potty trained toddlers and go from 2Y to 3Y. 2T clothing usually does not carry snaps for diaper changes along the inseam of pants. These clothes tend to be slimmer with longer sleeves.

In terms of style, 24 months is more baby like, while 2T is miniature adult clothing a.k.a mini-me clothes.

Tips specific to shopping for kids clothes 


Have an idea of the key vitals such as chest and height of your toddler, and which side of the average does your child lean towards. You should also get an idea of the length you prefer for the outfits of your child so that you can take a bigger size if needed. Beyond age 2, toddlers end up growing taller contrary to growing rounder as they do upto 24 months.


Unless you have a child who is friendly with changing outfits, always check how easy it is to get in an out of the clothing. Tight, impractical toddler clothing can lead to infrequent wears and frustration for parents and caregivers during every change making you avoid even an extremely beautiful outfit. 

Extending the life of your kids wardrobe

Buy clothing you truly adore and not too many together. Also, picking quality outfits over quantity always ensures your child looks put together. The pieces that need frequent changes like pants, inner-wear, etc. are best bought in neutral colors so that they can be put on without too much thought. Keep an eye for clothing that can be layered up and down easily making it go longer than you think. Last but not the least, always ensure you buy outfits in which your child can live in.

Sizing clothes at AYDA 

  • Our sizes run according to the age mentioned. If your child is higher from the average percentile or you prefer a longer dress (post 2T), you can look at purchasing a bigger size. A bigger size is recommended for Caucasian children.
  • A 2T outfit would fit a 2.5 year old as designed and go on till 3 years. If you are buying the outfit closer to the 3 year mark, a 3T purchase is recommended, and so on.
  • For taller, healthier children, the usual size differential is 6 months. A 2T would work from 18 months to 2.5 months for such a child.
  • For A-line silhouettes, the chest and length are key measurements.
  • Our silhouettes and closures are designed keeping functionality in mind. That also comes from the fact that our clothing is made and designed by parents, who know how time can dilute during outfit changes.

You can check our outfits here:

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