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Sizing Up your Toddler

Shopping for kids clothing can be confusing because of the terminology involved and lack of standard sizes. Here are a few things to keep in mind before shopping clothes for children, especially toddlers.  Unless you have a child who is friendly with changing outfits, always check how easy it is to get in an out of the clothing. Buy clothing you truly adore and not too many together. Also, picking quality outfits over quantity always ensures your child looks put together.

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Baby & Kids Clothing - Know your Fabrics

As a parent, especially as a mother, baby and kid clothes are one of the most regular items in your shopping carts. Hence, it is essential to understand the fabrics that you pick up for your children.  As with everything, fabric choices evolve as babies go to toddlers and then to kids. Babies and preemies do need extra care, after all, they have just three layers of skin compared to seven layers in adults. 

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Building AYDA - Quality Baby and Kids Products

Building AYDA, your go to destination for quick quality baby girls and kids purchases. AYDA promises great childhood pictures, style and comfort for your little ones, and stress-free, efficient shopping for parents with clean design, fuss free clothing.

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